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Sara aus Schweden

Where do I begin? Maybe at the small plants we sowed in the beginning of my stay. Felix, the gardener, showed me with a focused smile how to, with one sweep, dig away the soil, put the plant in the hole, and then sweep the soil back again and press. The plants grew, while we cultivated them day by day. And then, a couple of weeks later, tomatoes in all shapes and sizes grew on those plants. A good place to start would maybe be to tell about how much I learned. About eggs, how to see how nature works, how to correctly clean leek fast, how to teach others how to clean leek fast, patience, curiosity, peacefulness, that people can have different views and opinions and you can still have fun together and that it makes you grow!

Or maybe the best way to begin is by describing the house, how it held a warm atmosphere, almost magic. It could be so quiet and still, and also so full of life and laughter. Ulli and Marcus with their positive and open mindset that opened their house to me and us. The good conversations I had with everyone at Eulenhof: the wwoofers, the gardener, the FÖJ:s, Ulrike and Markus, the people at volleyball practice, the cat, the chickens, the plants, with everyone!

I think, maybe, the best place to start is that I never wanted it to end!!!