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Peter aus New York City, USA

After 10 hours on a plane and 3 hours of sleep, I was thrown out to the carrrots in what turned out to be a whole day of weeding in the scorching sun. By 11 am, I was starving and with 2 hours to lunch I was really questioning my decision to come to Eulenhof. Thankfully my first impressions of the farm were entirely incorrect. Weeding the carrots was a one time job and in no time I was no longer „the new guy“ at the bottom of the Eulenhof hierarchy. 

Both Ulrike and Markus are very down to earth and outgoing people. That made it very easy when it came to work. Directions were always clear and expectations realistic. I WWOOF’ed for the entire month of May which meant a great variety of work. Some of my favorite jobs included planting in teams on the transplanter, harvesting vegetables, and working at the market one Saturday morning. Not only was work on the farm made enjoyable by Markus‘ great humor and direction but also by the many other WWOOF’ers and FOJ’s from many different backgrounds. This made for some wonderful conversations and funny stories that carried over from the fields to our large group breakfasts and lunches. For dinner we were always „on our own“ but that didn’t stop us from making a big meal together with all the fresh vegetables and herbs from the fields and greenhouses. 

I really enjoyed my time with the many people I met at Eulenhof (you know who you are… Miguel, Taylor, Joséphine, Pablo, Clara, Anna, Andreas, Ihlena and Chrissi) but I want to extend a full-hearted thank you to Markus and Ulrike for making my month in Dogern wonderful!