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Liva und Asta Marie aus Dänemark

We both study organic agriculture, and as a part of our studies, we wanted to visit different farms in Europe to get a new perspective on farming in Scandinavia and hopefully bring home new ideas.

Unfortunately we only stayed at Eulenhof for a couple of days on our journey, it’s an amazing place and we would have liked to stay much longer and hope to come back soon. Eulenhof is filled with nice people from different backgrounds and from all over the world. We were welcomed in the best way and got a nice room in the villa where all the volunteers lives. The work days were fun and not too long so there was plenty of time to hang out with the other volunteers, go swimming in the Rhine or do your own thing. Thank you to Ulrike and Markus for the nice atmosphere around Eulenhof, the amazing food, movies and volleyball. Somewhere in the villa it says that they are the ‘farm parents’ and that is true!

Really great place to be. Lots of activity and time for the people around you. Thank you for letting us stay with you! Asta Marie and Liva

Best wishes to you ❤️