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Josh aus Australien

I have spent approximately 2 months working on Eulenhof first in November and again over most of April. Both times have been very rewarding and insightful. Finding Eulenhof has been the best thing I could’ve stumbled upon, when initially organizing my traveling plans from back home.

The work is exhilarating and rewarding and you are bound to make many new friends not just from Germany, but from all over the world. The food is out of this world, who knew I would be shoving my face full of deliciousness everyday. I can neither confirm nor deny that this might be the best food I have eaten in my entire life……but its up there I’ll tell you that!

Marcus and Ulli are so friendly and open and always going out of their way to answer any one of your silly questions you might potentially be thinking of asking. They also both go out of their way to accommodate your needs, and to make your time more enjoyable on the farm, a quality that has stood strong and I have failed not to see throughout my time at Eulenhof. I have come to value that more than anything else, and through respect of them both it makes you strive to be a better worker on the farm.

If Bio Organic farming is an interest of yours, or you love working outside, then this is the place for you. Eulenhof is a place full of surprises and laughter, but also hard work. It is most rewarding to always work with 110% of your energy at Eulenhof. You will struggle and will not like it if you are not committed to working, I guarantee that! It might be a shock initially trying to get into the rhythm of things, but after a short time the schedule of things and how things are done will become second nature to you. If you enjoy working hard outside, in rain, sun or snow then Eulenhof will not disappoint you!

Work includes: harvesting vegetables from the fields, preparing vegetables in the morning for Sedus (chair assembly factory where you will eat lunch everyday), preparing vegetables in the morning for supermarkets nearby, planting in the greenhouses, planting out on the field, hacking weeds, collecting chicken eggs and just general maintenance around the farm.

After collecting the eggs from the chicken stalls in the afternoon you will also be probably stamping eggs for the supermarkets. This usually happens because Ulli, try as hard as she might, sucks at this….so she gets other people to do it for her. :):):):)  ULLI HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN STAMPING EGGS???? NOT LONG ENOUGH!!!!!!! :):):):):):):):):)

Marcus is a wonderful source for any farming related informations 🙂 (inside joke)  He always has an answer to every question you ask.

Other exciting things that Eulenhof offers: Your very own, totally not useless, electric bicycle licence. With this marvelous high quality piece of paper, you are able then to ride the electric bicycle. Remember to distract Ulli when she’s making the licence on her computer. I was able to acquire one without an expiry date. OOOOOO YEAH!!!!!!!

In your free time there are many things to do. A lovely 8 Km running track that crosses into Switzerland is waiting for you! Also weekend forest walks in the hills are great. Also there is the local volleyball night every week in Dogern. But if you suck at volleyball like me, then just stick to running 🙂 Also don’t turn down Marcus’s requests to join him for his weekly young mens workout training 🙂

There are many new wonderful people waiting for you at Eulenhof. So don’t pass down the opportunity to go there. You will not regret it. I shall be back soon! Thank you Marcus, Ulli, Sarah, Nadine and my beautiful Felix. I will miss you <3