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Hamide und Engin aus der Türkei

Hi Future Wwoofers! I worked in Eulenhof for 4 weeks in 2017 together with my boyfriend, Engin. That was my first & unique experience in both wwoofing and agriculture. I cannot imagine a better experience than that, really, I am 100% honest. Choosing the farm that I am going to do wwoofing was my easiest decision in my whole life, ever. Even when I buy a chocolate, I think like 15 minutes. However, when I see the wide information and great care taken on Eulenhof website and their page on official wwoof website, I immediately sent an e-mail. Then, Ulli responded me just in 10 minutes. So, I decided to come here. Your first week is going to be your adaptation week for hard work but then you will get used to it and start to explore around! You can bike Switzerland in 3 minutes then swim in Rhein, you can bike beautiful Laufenburg and have a great beer next to the river, or you can bike Waldshut in 15 minutes and have a jog with the great view of Rhein. Even if Dogern is a small village, you won’t have time to get bored. Saunas, outdoor thermal pools, mini golf sessions, German bowling, culture/music festivals around near towns and customer delivery with incredible Black Forest view will make you busy all over the time. I am just talking about what comes to my mind now, but you will have much more than that. You will have great friends from all over the world (some of them will be lifetime), unforgettable memories while planting, harvesting, weeding, rounding heads. Moreover, you will know nicest & kindest personalities Ulli & Markus. I strongly recommend Eulenhof for you to have what I gained there, except for weights I gained. :)“

Engin aus der Türkei schreibt: I worked in Eulenhof with my girlfriend Hamide, about 4 weeks. For those who want to work in Eulenhof in the future, I will briefly summarize what we have experienced in these 4 weeks. 

REASON WE CAME! First of all, our reasons for coming to Eulenhof were that we were bored with the intense city experience, we wanted to try something new for us. We were excited about how organic farming was done, althought we were both from different branches(architecture and management). After sending e-mail to Ulli and Markus, they answered about 10 minutes. Later, we started to reviewing their internet sites and seeing how active they were. We suddenly stopped searching for another farms and decided to come.

EXPERIENCES/WORKS! The hardest week was the first week in our four weeks. (Trying to figüre out what’s going on, to be able to adapt to your current position, to meet new people and to adapt a totally different life style.) However, after this first week’s works are over, you can put all your tiredness in the sauna or outdoor pool in ten minutes. When you start the second week, you feel like you are adapting to everthing. You are starting to make it more comfortable because certain jobs are repeating themselves. In general, I did; planting, harvesting, vegetable cleaning, preparing vegetables for delivery, delivery to the families and supermarkets and cleaning chiken shits!(most enjoyful job ever. Do not miss it and listen to what Markus said and do not wear a mask, everything gets worse!)

WHAT YOU CAN DO! Every week there is an activity plan fort he farm. In general, you will find basketball, volleyball, football, fitness, sauna, natural pool, hot water pools, german bowling, mini golf, cycling, culture and music festivals and of course lots of travel!!  There are dozens of towns waiting to be discovered. Switzerland is about 5 minutes away. If you want to swim in the Rhine, you can explore lots of places.

When you do all of these with very nice friends, you do not understand how time passes. We were so get used to Markus and Ulli in 4 weeks and we did not want to return! One of the most outward-looking and lovely couple I met. Even you can go to Eulenhof just to meet them. As a result, it was one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever had in my life. I definitely recommend you to these experiences…