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„Urlaub machen auf dem Bauernhof, dafür nichts bezahlen, aber kräftig mit anpacken“ – so lautet die Definition von WWOOF laut Barbara Scherrer, SWR 1 Moderatorin

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World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms - und der Eulenhof ist dabeiwwoof team 1! Wir werden jedes Jahr während der Saison international und die Hofsprache wird Englisch: WWOOFer aus aller Welt waren schon zu Gast bei uns, von Singapur bis Mexiko und England bis Spanien.

Hört euch in einem Podcast an, was Wwoofing bedeutet. Pauline, eine ehemalige Wwooferin von uns und wir selber kommen darin auch zu Wort.

Und hier ein Film über Freiwilligenaufenthalte auf ZDF Plan B,wo der Eulenhof dabei ist.

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Ein Hinweis zur Anreise: wir würden uns sehr freuen, wenn eure An- und Abreise zu und von unserem Hof einen so gering wie möglichen CO2 Fußabdruck hinterlassen würde. D.h., wenn ihr aus Europa kommt, könnt ihr das umweltfreundlichste Verkehrsmittel, die Bahn, nutzen. Dogern hat einen Bahnhof und ihr werdet abgeholt! Wenn ihr außerhalb Europas anreist, solltet ihr euch mit einer CO2 Kompensation für eure Flüge beschäftigen, z.B. auf Atmosfair. Ganz nach dem Motto "Öko statt Ego!" Gerne helfen wir euch bei der Planung eurer Reise!

Wwoofer 2020

mathildaMathilda aus Frankreich schreibt: Going to Eulenhof was my first time WWOOFing, first time on a farm, first time so immersed in a German speaking setting. Despite all of this, in no time it felt like home. I was not only welcomed warmly by Ulli and Markus, by others woofers, and by gardeners, I was also treated as I counted as much as everyone else. From the first day on, I was shown how to execute any kind of task and worked along with everyone. Along the full month I spent at Eulenhof, not one single second felt like I was "working". The joyful atmosphere of working all together in the fields, the interesting conversations in the greenhouses and the delicious communal breakfasts all made it feel like home and holiday at the same time. Alongside farm work, I can't overstate how much I enjoyed communal moments at the villa, sharing of food, evenings at the bonefire, excursions to the Rhine on hot days and hiking trips in the Swiss Alps. My experience at Eulenhof was so extremely rich and diverse. I was continuously learning about agriculture, organic methods, farm organisation but also about plants, relationships and diverse other topics through sharing with other workers. I could have easily stayed a full year without getting to the end of the richness that Eulenhof has to offer and share. To any potential wwoofer: at Eulenhof you will find a home, share moments with beautifully diverse and interesting people, continuously learn and discover, eat amazingly good food (very important point!!), and will be forever grateful for this life-changing experience.

Wwoofer 2019

Edna aus Kanada schreibt: Contrary to common practice (and probably common sense), ednaI arrived to Eulenhof in the heart of winter, a sheltered city girl from Vancouver with no experience in organic agriculture. Having joined the “real world” one year ago with graduating university and working a high-stress job, I was eager to realize my vision of the slow, peaceful farm life. Eulenhof… was not exactly that. Markus and Uli provide WWOOFers with a generously sweet setup, but working here is not a vacation - you can treat it like one but you will be missing out on truly valuable opportunities to learn and challenge your capabilities. Although I arrived as a bumbling beginner, clumsy and slow-moving, I was immediately thrust into the thick of it, collecting eggs while scooching through a sea of 450 clucking hens and riding into the field on the back of the tractor with the rest of the harvesting crew. I’m truly grateful for the Eulenhof team for their willingness and patience in teaching me new skills, as well as their warmth and positive energy. In being surrounded by such conscientious, passionate people, I have been inspired to live closer to my morals and hold myself to a higher standard in fighting the climate emergency. Thank you Eulenhof team, my dear housemates, and Markus & Uli for such a wonderful, heartfelt experience. 

Wwoofer 2018

Emma aus Frankreich schreibt: What should I say ? This first Wwoofing experience was a very big success for me ! I enjoyed absolutely every bit of it ! emma piano

As it was the first time as a Wwoofer for me, I didn't know exactly what to expect in the beggining. I arrived on a Sunday, installed myself in the room at the back of the Villa which, surprise ! had a piano - I enjoyed playing during my stay. I got all the infos I needed from one of the FÖJ: about the Villa, the chickens ("Huuuuuuuhn"), the bikes, the big fridges... and then I didn't know what to do. So I went to the living room and sat there with my computer and my book and then discovered one of the nice things about Wwoofing: people who do it are nice and interested in talking, I started chatting with one of the other Wwoofers.

Wwoofer 2017

Keith aus den USA schreibt: I came to Eulenhof with loose expectations; learn more about how food systems rotkohlputzen wwoofer klwork in Germany, experience and appreciate the process of organic agriculture, and do some honest labor. I came away with much more than I could have imagined, and had the pleasure of getting to know some truly wonderful people. lena maika keith klThe other WWOOFers and volunteers were all upstanding people, and I made some really special memories during my stay. Markus and Ulli are incredible hosts, and make a lot of effort to involve everyone in their lives as well as the community. In short, I had a really refreshing experience, and came away with a strong reminder that you can still find decent people in the world.

Every work day was very different, there was plenty of opportunity for fitness (running, biking, yoga, volleyball, etc), cooking in the evenings, and quality conversation with very interesting and diverse people. I dive into opportunities like this with a good attitude and willingness to learn and try hard, and to anyone considering WWOOFing here, you can also have an awesome experience at this stellar farm with that kind of mindset! 

Wwoofer 2016

Pak aus Hongkong schreibt:

Time spent: 4 weeks
Location: Great
Workload: Fair
Air: Fresh and clean
Biking: Practiced
Farming knowledge required: None
Farming knowledge gained: Yeskueche eulenhof pak Small 2
Physically strong: Not required
Open mind: Required
Gain some muscle: Yes
Lost some weight: Yes
Made some friends: Yes
Kicked some chickens: Yes
Drove a tractor: Yes
Sleeping problems: Gone
Nice people: Yes
Interesting people: Yes
Hard-working people: Yes
Challenges accomplished: Almost everyday
Joy: Lots
Traveling: Possible
Hitchhiking: Tried
Sauna: Possible
Sports at night: Possible
Learned some German: Yes
Ritter Sport tried: All
German sausage tried: varies
Random recipes learned: Yes
Life-changing: Yes

Alyssa aus den USA schreibt: Dear Potential WWOOFer at Eulenhof, why Eulenhof? One reason: Gelbe tomatoes. You think I’m kidding, but you’ve never eaten these tomatoes.

alyssa sedus

Beyond the vegetables, though, I have to say that Marcus and Ulli are amazing. It’s taken me two months to write my review because words cannot sum up the impact the summer at Eulenhof has had on my life. I became interested in creative and sustainably sourced food when I studied agriculture in college. After grad school I decided to take some time to actually work in the “field” of agriculture instead of behind a desk. I asked Ulli for three things when I came to the farm:

1. To learn and DO the farming process from planting to selling
2. To learn and interact in German as much as possible
3. To have the opportunity to work with fellow WWOOFers throughout the day

My hopes were surpassed in every way. I learned so much from the FOJ’s (the long term interns on the farm), from the gardeners, and of course from Ulli and Marcus.