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„Urlaub machen auf dem Bauernhof, dafür nichts bezahlen, aber kräftig mit anpacken“ – so lautet die Definition von WWOOF laut Barbara Scherrer, SWR 1 Moderatorin

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World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms - und der Eulenhof ist dabeiwwoof team 1! Wir werden jedes Jahr während der Saison international und die Hofsprache wird Englisch: WWOOFer*nnen aus aller Welt waren schon zu Gast bei uns, von Singapur bis Mexiko und England bis Spanien.

Hört euch in einem Podcast an, was Wwoofing bedeutet. Pauline, eine ehemalige Wwooferin von uns und wir selber kommen darin auch zu Wort.

Und hier ein Film über Freiwilligenaufenthalte auf ZDF Plan B,wo der Eulenhof dabei ist.

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Ein Hinweis zur Anreise: Wir gehen davon aus, dass ihr mit eurer Reise zu und von unserem Hof einen so gering wie möglichen CO2 Fußabdruck hinterlassen möchtet. Bitte seht daher von Flugreisen ab und reist mit der Bahn an. Wwoofing findet auf Biohöfen statt und mit eurem Wwoofing-Einsatz leistet ihr einen Beitrag zu einem ökologischerem und nachhaltigerem Leben. Und dazu passt eine Flugreise überhaupt nicht, die sehr große Klimaschäden verursacht. Ganz nach dem Motto "Öko statt Ego!" Gerne helfen wir euch bei der Planung eurer Reise!

Wwoofer*innen 2022

Emma aus Frankreich schreibt: I spent 3 weeks during April at Eulenhof - definitely a great experience! Emma klThere are so many things to tell that I don't know where to start, especially since no two days are alike. I would highly recommend you to stay at least 3 weeks (and even more!!), as during the first two weeks there is a lot to discover and to learn, and I only really started to know my way around during the third week. Also, I think the whole point of staying at Eulenhof is to experience the way nature works, and the way we work with it - and this takes some time if you wish to see the result of what you contributed to start. For instance, during my stay one of the main thing was planting tomatoes. The plants were delivered, we spread silage in the greenhouses, then formed holes at regular distance in the silage, making a warm nest to welcome the tiny plants. Then we planted them, and hung strings from the ceiling to attach the plants so that they would grow in the right direction. It's crazy how fast they were growing even in the short amount of time I was there!

Regarding the life in the villa, what stroke me is how fast we started talking about our personal experiences and convictions. Staying at Eulenhof puts our beliefs into perspective, because we are given to experience a different way of living, dictated by nature, or even a different way of eating (a few people were vegan, I discovered other ways of cooking). So much more to tell but I'm out of characters - thanks Eulenhof for all this sharing!

Wwoofer*innen 2021

Ivan aus Dänemark schreibtIvan AlpenWriting this WWOOF-report, I'm actually kind of reporting on two separate stays at Eulenhof: Firstly, I was here for a months time in the late summer during the grand potato-tomato season, living with a full house of WWOOFers and friends of the busy farm, but as of now, mid-November, I'm actually the only WWOOFer on the farm. The winter is tuning up, and the crops are entering their annual slumber! On top of the limited demand of extra workforce in the winter, the supply of people able to volunteer also seem to be at its lowest this time of year, with studies and travel restricitions and all.

I'm trying to describe my full Eulenhof experience considering both of the two ends of the spectrum that I've been lucky enough to experience: from the hot primetime in the summer to the (primarily in terms of temperature but also a bit in terms of business) chill late autumn, but I can only write so much of course. Goes without saying, no amount of reports will ever provide an adequate idea of what living here is about, so I can only recommend chatting up Ulli as soon as possible and to find an agreeable arrival date!

Wwoofer 2020

Maike aus Wuppertal schreibt: IMG 20210105 203525 065Letztes Jahr im November / Dezember 2020 habe ich nach meinem Masterabschluss insgesamt über drei Wochen auf dem Eulenhof verbracht. Nach meinem Master wollte ich eigentlich in Vietnam reisen gehen und war dann natürlich sehr enttäuscht, als ich festgestellt habe, dass aus diesem Plan Corona-bedingt nichts wird. Daraufhin habe ich mich nach Freiwilligenarbeit umgesehen und bin über WWOOF auf den Eulenhof gestoßen. Der Hof hat so einen sympathischen Eindruck auf mich gemacht, sodass ich mich direkt beworben habe. Ulli hat sich dann auch innerhalb kürzester Zeit zurückgemeldet und mich direkt ab der nächsten Woche willkommen geheißen – damit konnte das Abenteuer dann losgehen. 

Wwoofer 2019

Edna aus Kanada schreibt: Contrary to common practice (and probably common sense), ednaI arrived to Eulenhof in the heart of winter, a sheltered city girl from Vancouver with no experience in organic agriculture. Having joined the “real world” one year ago with graduating university and working a high-stress job, I was eager to realize my vision of the slow, peaceful farm life. Eulenhof… was not exactly that. Markus and Uli provide WWOOFers with a generously sweet setup, but working here is not a vacation - you can treat it like one but you will be missing out on truly valuable opportunities to learn and challenge your capabilities. Although I arrived as a bumbling beginner, clumsy and slow-moving, I was immediately thrust into the thick of it, collecting eggs while scooching through a sea of 450 clucking hens and riding into the field on the back of the tractor with the rest of the harvesting crew. I’m truly grateful for the Eulenhof team for their willingness and patience in teaching me new skills, as well as their warmth and positive energy. In being surrounded by such conscientious, passionate people, I have been inspired to live closer to my morals and hold myself to a higher standard in fighting the climate emergency. Thank you Eulenhof team, my dear housemates, and Markus & Uli for such a wonderful, heartfelt experience. 

Wwoofer 2018

Emma aus Frankreich schreibt: What should I say ? This first Wwoofing experience was a very big success for me ! I enjoyed absolutely every bit of it ! emma piano

As it was the first time as a Wwoofer for me, I didn't know exactly what to expect in the beggining. I arrived on a Sunday, installed myself in the room at the back of the Villa which, surprise ! had a piano - I enjoyed playing during my stay. I got all the infos I needed from one of the FÖJ: about the Villa, the chickens ("Huuuuuuuhn"), the bikes, the big fridges... and then I didn't know what to do. So I went to the living room and sat there with my computer and my book and then discovered one of the nice things about Wwoofing: people who do it are nice and interested in talking, I started chatting with one of the other Wwoofers.