WWOOFer 2014

Maartje aus Holland schreibt:

Hi I’m Maartje from the Netherlands and I want to share my great experience at the Eulenhof with you. When I arrived in Dogern the two Föjlers welcomed me friendly at the station. They took me to the Villa right away, where the woofers and Föjlers live. There, I got to meet the three other Wwoofers. I didn’t have a lot of time to catch my breath, because we went to Waldshut right away with all the Woofers and Föjlers. This was a great opportunity to get to know everybody. The next day was a Sunday so I had a little time to see a bit of the beautiful environment of the south of Germany.maartje

The first day started like every other workday: with a good breakfast in Markus and Ulrike’s house. After that, we had to look after the chickens. Every morning, we had to do this. I always liked the chickens, they were curious and followed us to see what happened (which meant they often stood in the way). After this, we did a lot of different things, from picking the tomatoes and paprika in the greenhouses to peeling garlic and onions. For lunch we always went to Sedus. It was very nice to see what we had picked on our own plate. Sometimes it contained greens that we had picked just that morning. After that, we again did a variety of things, like picking pumpkins and bringing them to the attic of the villa (after a time it smelled!) and planting the garlic and onions. We also planted a lot of lamb´s lettuce. This was one of the many vegetables which I didn’t know before I came here. Not a single day was the same! When the farm working day was over, we went once again to the chickens to collect the final eggs and give them their food.

Besides working on the farm, I experienced a lot of fun things too, including biking to Switzerland, going to Waldshut, to the Oktoberfest in Dogern and learning how to bake bread in the Villa. I want to thank everybody for this great experience, without you it wouldn’t have been so great! I specifically want to thank Marcus and Ulrike, who not only let me stay longer because of the strike by the DB, but also learned me a lot about vegetables and organic farming. I hope to see you again! Tschüss!

Kathi aus Düsseldorf schreibt:

Hey, my name is Kathi and I’m from Düsseldorf in Germany but I’m writing this in English because it seems to be the most important language in summer on Eulenhof. I stayed on Eulenhof for 7 weeks (which I learned is longer than most do) and I got to meet super nice people from 7 different countries and 3 different continents.

During my stay I’ve been knocked over by giant nets, attacked by roosters, followed by horse flies and mosquitos, sunburned and got muscle aches, bruises and scratches all over my legs and arms. But don’t get me wrong, I had a really good time.alpenwanderung

There’s a huge diversity of things to do on Eulenhof. In summer, harvesting is one of the most important jobs for the WWOOFers. You can find every vegetable you can imagine and even some you wouldn’t expect to find on a farm in Germany, for example melons or artichokes. You also kathifind vegetables that look different in color and shape to what you usually see in the supermarkets. So you can also imagine that the food on Eulenhof is awesome. There are so many fresh veggies and fruits. Also Markus and Ulrike only buy organic products. My favorite thing was always the self-made bread and the fresh juice on Sunday mornings after going jogging with (almost) the whole team.

But life on Eulenhof is not just work. A lot of times the WWOOFers and the FÖJler cooked together and Chrissi is always eager to make a campfire at night. Ulrike and Markus are great hosts and will always invite you to join them for their activities. I’ll never forget the hiking weekend in the Swiss Alps. The scenery was amazing and it was definitely worth to hike up that mountain. We stayed overnight kind of in the middle of nowhere, above a cow barn. We were so tired from the day that we all went to bed at 8:30 at night.

I want to thank everyone I met on Eulenhof. Especially Ulrike and Markus for being such amazingly friendly hosts; I don’t think anyone could do better. But also Ihlena for teaching me how to drive a tractor, Andreas for a great time at the farmers markets and ice cream afterwards, Chrissi for being patient with me when I tried to drive backwards through the beans with a trailer, Anna for showing me that you can reuse and preserve almost everything, Clara and Bea for our night time conversations when we were laughing tears, the new FÖJler Sophia and Lydia and last but not least my fellow WWOOFers Ryan, Iris, Lichi, Bea, Francesca, Frederike, Leonardo and Lindsay for making this trip unforgettable.

Ryan aus den USA schreibt: 

As a first time WWOOFer and someone with next to no experience with agriculture, I could not have chosen a better Hof to spend a month at. Before I even reached Eulenhof I was blown away by the natural beauty of the landscape in Baden-Württemberg and excited to spend a month working in such a pretty area. 

Despite a spontaneous change of plans due to me getting off the train at the wrong station (Whoops!), Ulrike arrived to collect me with a smile on her face and brought me back to Dogern to share a beer and a conversation with Markus and some family friends. That evening encapsulates Markus and Ulrike perfectly wonderful hosts, welcoming and inclusive, patient and eventempered.markus ryan bierbrauen

They expect first timers like me to make mistakes, and as long as you make an earnest effort they will take it in stride and help you fix the mistake for the next time. Even though the work is certainly demanding from pulling weeds on your hands and knees, to harvesting cucumbers in a 40 degree greenhouse (that's 104 degrees Fahrenheit!), to pruning tomato plants while balancing on stilts it is a chance to learn something new. Markus and Ulrike are eager to share their expertise, and they have surrounded themselves with a crew of similarly experienced, interesting, and welcoming people.

Beyond being good teachers, they are prepared to learn as well, new skills as well as new cultural experiences. By opening their home to WWOOFers from all corners of the globe I worked with people from Germany, France, England, and Taiwan they've experienced more foreign cultures in three years than most folks will in their entire lives. They were interested to learn about each and every WWOOFer, the experiences we have already had, and our plans for the future and not just to help plan what countries they will visit on their WWOOFer World Tour!

I was also able to teach Markus the basics of brewing beer! He was an eager student, and should have surpassed me in skill before long. I am just happy that I was able to give something back after receiving so much from everyone at Eulenhof. Thank you to Ulrike, Markus, Chrissi, Ihlena, Andreas, Anna, Clara, and all of my fellow WWOOFers for an amazing month in Dogern!

Iris und Lichi aus Taiwan schreiben:

It was our first time doing WWOOFing and it was a mind-blowing experience! We had such wonderful time with all of people around in the beauty nature.iris huehnerstall

A typical work day begins with the great varieties of breakfast(of course all organic) and we love the Schoko Crunchy which we had everyday! We've never worked so close to the nature before. It felt so good when you harvest the vegetable under sunshine while the wind breeze on your face. The work might be sometimes a bit tiring physically but it'd be totally rewarded when you see all the beans you harvest become a delicious meal at lunch made by amazing chef in the cafeteria of Sedus company (lunch is incredibly delicious).

Since we have our own market you'd never need to go a grocery shopping for the dinner. We usually cook together with other WWOOFers and we sing, we eat, we relax and drink, we just have such a good time along the fireplace (Special thanks to Schnuki Chrissi).Text Taiwan

Besides all the farm works, Ulrike and Markus also arranged so many activities for us after work. You will never be bored during your stay I guarantee you. Activities such as badminton, volleyball, frisbee, sauna on Saturday night, jogging on Sunday in the forest (or get lost in the woods)...etc. Also when they have to go to the near town to do some errands, they invite you to go along and you can sightseeing in the city while they are doing their stuffs. Even its raining when you get there and you just want to stay in the car instead, Markus will still make you to get out of the car and go visit the tour sites haha. They also provide you so much information about the cities around, and also inform us if there is any special activities happening. So on the weekend, we usually plan a trip to the near cities with other wwoofers.taiwanessinnen hofladen

The people we met in Eulenhof are all nice and friendly, everyone got their own characters. The laughters just never stop in this farm.We learned so much about organic through our daily works, and eat so much organic food. By rewarding ourselves, we just eat what we hate doing the most after works haha (such as zucchini). You feel healthy everyday by the way you live and eat everyday in Eulenhof. We are so happy and lucky to get to have our first wwoof experience in Eulenhof. It is definitely a experience that we will never forget. 

Edward und Miriam aus England schreiben:

As a German student Edward came to Eulenhof as part of his Year Abroad, developing his language skills and becoming better acquainted with German culture. After a long year sat at my desk at university, I thought spending some time spent on a farm in Germany with Edward would be a refreshing break. It is safe to say, however, that neither of us expected to learn and gain so much in just one month away from home. 

The work itself was interesting, varied and pleasantly challenging. The sheer range of vegetables grown at Eulenhof meant that there were plants we had never seen and foodstuffs of which we had never heard, which made the whole experience something of a horticultural education in itself.  What is more, working on the farm gave us a chance to experience hard graft (although not too hard – Markus and Ulrike were kind to us!) and a satisfying fatigue in the muscles that was a welcome change from the sedentary activity we were both so used to. I, being a keen sportsperson, was pleasantly surprised by the holistic work-out that was farm life, and I certainly slept well at night!miriam edward

There were some tasks that proved more difficult – Edward didn’t make friends with the chickens straight away – but overcoming this hurdle was invaluable, and filling a cart with 400 fresh free-range eggs at the end of the day left us with a great sense of achievement.

WWOOFing at Eulenhof was a truly enjoyable experience from start to finish. We were incorporated into a family, a team and a community and we always felt valued for our contributions to the farm. Markus and Ulrike have been the most accommodating hosts we could have hoped for. Everyone at Eulenhof enriched the experience in their own way and I am so pleased to have met them all – Chrissi, Clara, Anna, Andreas, Ihlena and Finn the dog, as well as our fellow WWOOFers from France and America.

Watching Germany win the World Cup at the “Public Viewing” (that’s the German for “Big Screen”) in Waldshut, playing volleyball on Thursdays and jogging on Sundays with the local hero Udo Gabele and the people of Dogern, drinking beer, eating chocolate, trips to the Sauna, driving through the Black Forest, taking trains to Zürich, Basel, Bern and Konstanz, swimming in the Rhein, cycling to Switzerland and back in the evenings, the fantastic breakfasts at the house and the amazing lunches at Sedus, the Dogern Fest, working in the farm shop and at the market, driving the tractor, sitting by the barbecue at night, learning to throw axes with Chrissi etc. etc. etc. und und und, und so weiter - all these things made our month at Eulenhof unforgettable. Try it for yourself!

wwooferin sarahSarah aus Neuseeland schreibt: I arrived in Waldshut a small town not far from Dogern and attempted to look like a lost tourist on the arriving train so the WWOOFers sent to pick me up could recognise me. It worked. Towards me walked a friendly face asking if I was Sarah, this was the Chief WWOOFer sent to greet the new arrival. We went straight to the main house and were again greeted by friendly faces and welcoming feeling. Then it was time to be introduced to “The Villa”, the house on the farm where the WWOOFers and other interns stayed. The driveway lead to a large barn, and the double garage filled with eggs to be sorted and a cooler filled with fruit and vegetables available for consumption whenever desired. At the Villa we shared communal dinners of colourful salads, homemade bread and a selection of delicious cheeses in the outdoor patio, in the afternoons I relaxed on the hammock while enjoying an organic beer after a tiring hot morning in the fields harvesting, pruning and weeding. miguel josephine

It was then time to meet the 500 chickens that I would be visiting daily for “Huhn (Chicken) duty”. As time went on I quite enjoyed my afternoon visit to the chickens where I could take time to collect the 400 eggs per day, feed the masses outside under the sun and speak any language to them. Later on when the daylight faded we would put them to bed - the last chicken would look around and hop off to its place in the hierarchy of the chicken “beds”.

During the week after 8am (on the dot) breakfasts of fruits, muesli yogurt and homemade hazelnut bread with a fine selection of organic spreads - it was off to the fields or the green houses to harvest peas, lettuces, zucchini, and cucumbers - so many cucumbers. We also pruned the plants, weeded the herbs, and planted seedlings on the back of the planting machine where shade is appreciated and conversations continue. We went to the company across the road for lunch at 1pm (on the dot), looking out over a small village in Switzerland, to be fed a large selection of top quality salads prepared with the vegetables we harvested from the farm. My favourite was the cucumber yogurt salad (meant to be had as a soup) with dill, raisins and walnut. To be followed by a hot dish that left you very full but completely satisfied. 

To end my stay at Dogern I had an action packed weekend starting with the market in Waldshut. After a few moments of confusion and my repeated phrase “Kien Deutsch”, I found that even in a small town in Southern Germany most people spoke English. After packing down the markets and enjoying an ice-cream of lemon with basil and strawberry jam I returned to the farm to quickly get ready for an afternoon playing at the local volleyball tournament (I wasn't really much help but had a good time). After a bit of fun and avoiding the sudden down pour it was time to leave with a TV Dogern T-shirt gifted as a souvenir - sehr gut! Mehr in Sarahs Blog

Miguel (the vagabond), Peter (the tall blond guy with the red backpack), Joséphine (how can I learn any German with so many Americans around?) und Taylor (with the bright neon socks) waren zeitgleich bei uns und haben sich hervorragend verstanden.

Taylor aus Florida schreibt:

Hi. My name is Taylor, and I eat food. Correction, I eat a LOT of food. So my biggest concern after flying across the world for three days would be that once I did get to Eulenhof was that I was going to have to starve. Well, in the words of my co-WWOOFer (and good friend) Miguel, “You can go mad-stupid with the food here”. It sounds silly that I would start my review with this, but food was a constant theme at my time in Eulenhof. I learned so much about how to grow your food, how to cook it, and how to sit back and finish everyone else’s plates at meals. That was a BIG plus for me.taylor

The work at Eulenhof is unparalleled when compared to my other WWOOFing experiences. Each job has a purpose, you can see the progress you’re making, and at the end of the day you feel like you’ve learned something. I will say that initially I was not a fan of the roosters, due to their intermittent attacks, but I became handy in the ways of defending myself with the green bucket, and to this day, working with the chickens is still one of my favorite jobs.

miguelAs far as the rest of my experience, I would say that Ulrike and Markus go out of their way to ensure that their WWOOFers are having a full immersion experience. They facilitate outings (such as bowling, or sauna), can recommend the BEST places to hike or cities to visit. If you’re looking for idyllic scenery, this is your place.

Beyond what I’ve already described, I’d like to add that this trip was so much more than I was hoping, due in large part to this farm; I’ve made life-long friends and memories by the dozen. If you’re unsure, don’t be. WWOOFing opportunities don’t get better than this. 

Joséphine aus Frankreich schreibt:

I wanted to come to Germany to improve my German... it doesn't work. I have still the same really bad level as when i arrive... Markus tried to speak to me in German but it wasn't successfull at all and with 3 American people around we had to speak English.josephine

When I was driving to Eulenhof the question was: what am I going to do in a farm?? Working in fields and in greenhouses which is not really exciting. But when I saw smiles on everyone's face and the atmosphere around the table at my first dinner I knew that I will spend a really good time there. 

Of course we had to work, I will never forget the 6 hours of work on the tomatoe plants (oh god I really don't like the tomatoe plants), or the famous pendel hacking. But even working was a good time because we were together. Free times were even better and now I can boast to have swum in the Rhine and hiked in the Swiss Alps. 

It was a really good experience. So thanks Ulrike and Markus for your welcome and all the things I've been able to do thanks to you. I hope you will find wwoofers who can cook slave bread, freedom fries and good pasta like we do. 

wwoofer schlepperI already miss you all and I want to see you again quickly!!

Peter aus New York City schreibt:

alpenwanderung 2014 06After 10 hours on a plane and 3 hours of sleep, I was thrown out to the carrrots in what turned out to be a whole day of weeding in the scorching sun. By 11am, I was starving and with 2 hours to lunch I was really questioning my decision to come to Eulenhof. Thankfully my first impressions of the farm were entirely incorrect. Weeding the carrots was a one time job and in no time I was no longer "the new guy" at the bottom of the Eulenhof hierarchy. 


Both Ulrike and Markus are very down to earth and outgoing people. That made it very easy when it came to work. Directions were always clear and expectations realistic. I WWOOF'ed for the entire month of May which meant a great variety of work. Some of my favorite jobs included planting in teams on the transplanter, harvesting vegetables, and working at the market one Saturday morning. Not only was work on the farm made enjoyable by Markus' great humor and direction but also by the many other WWOOF'ers and FOJ's from many different backgrounds. This made for some wonderful conversations and funny stories that carried over from the fields to our large group breakfasts and lunches. For dinner we were always "on our own" but that didn't stop us from making a big meal together with all the fresh vegetables and herbs from the fields and greenhouses. 

I really enjoyed my time with the many people I met at Eulenhof (you know who you are... Miguel, Taylor, Joséphine, Pablo, Clara, Anna, Andreas, Ihlena and Chrissi) but I want to extend a full-hearted thank you to Markus and Ulrike for making my month in Dogern wonderful!

Ich heiße Alice und ich komme aus Frankreich. alice2014 habe ich mich entschieden ein Wwoof zu machen. Ich wollte Leute treffen, neue Erfahrungen sammeln...und ich bin nicht enttäuscht ! Hier, im Eulenhof sind alle Leute sehr freundlich, offenherzig und angenehm. Jeden Tag lernt man etwas neues, jeder Tag ist ein neues Abenteuer. Ich war leider ganz kurz im Eulenhof, aber ich war glücklich und ich habe viel Spaß gehabt. Ich empfehle allen Wwoofer/innen, die nach Deutschland fahren wollen, nach Dogern zu gehen !

Ich danke noch Markus und Ulrike für alles und auch alle Leute, die ich dort kennengelernt habe. Ich habe den Hof mit meinem Herz voll von Entdeckungen, Erinnerungen, Erfahrungen, Lächeln und noch mehr verlassen. It was amazing... definitely.