WWOOFer 2013

Im August waren wir so international wie noch nie zuvor mit Jennifer aus Australien, Reyes und Jaime aus Spanien und Grégroire, Magali und Thomas aus Frankreich sowie Alima aus Holland.

Im September war Rebecca aus den USA bei uns sowie Mariella aus Freiburg, und den Oktober haben wir mit Gina und Robert aus den USA verbracht. Und unsere letzte WWOOFerin für dieses Jahr, Johanna, aus den USA, blieb bis Mitte November.

Hier einige Erlebnisberichte:

Robert aus den USA schreibt:

I spent five weeks at Eulenhof in October 2013. I have WWOOFed at a few farms in Germany, and without a doubt Eulenhof was the best by far. Everyone is extremely kind and hospitable, and eager to impart their knowledge on you. I felt welcome from the moment I arrived. I was able to learn so much about organic farming, more than I have anywhere else. The work is engagingrobert 2, and the hands-on experience it provides is priceless.  

Beyond that, the location is unbeatable. From the Black Forest to Switzerland to Lake Constance, Dogern is a great place to see the sights of southern Germany. The landscape is gorgeous, and there are unlimited activities to take part in. I got the chance to experience men's gymnastics in the community, and bike across the Rhine to Switzerland every day.

And then there's the food. Rarely have I eaten so well in my life. The organic produce could not be fresher or more delicious. Combined with the skills of professional chefs at Sedus, and every lunch becomes a trip to heaven.

I feel very lucky to have had this opportunity, and would readily recommend Eulenhof to anyone. I can't say enough good things about it. Whether you are an experienced WWOOFer, or are looking for your first farming experience, Eulenhof is the place to be. Many thanks for the chance to work alongside you! 

Gina aus den USA schreibt:

Working on Eulenhof during the month of October was a really wonderful experience. Not only were Markus and Ulrike incredibly friendly, they were fun to hang out with! Markus is quite the athlete, and always willing to take along volunteers to his frequent sports practices. Monday there is badminton, Tuesdays volleyball, Wednesdays men's gymnastics followed by basketball, Thursday more badminton, and Sunday mornings running in the Black Forest. There is also bowling with everyone about once a month, which is quite fun and entertaining. There are opportunities to visit a sauna or a nearby town during Ulrike and Markus's weekly visit to the sauna as well.  If you are not into sports, you can join Uli at her choir practices. Ulrike sings in choirs both in Dogern and in Waldshut, with really nice performances. Switzerland is literally a few hundred meters away, and nearby towns are easily reachable by bike.  gina markt 

The food here is absolutely amazing. We had access to endless amounts of healthy and organic food, as well as coffee and sweets. The whole team eats lunch every weekday at Sedus. Imagine professional cooks cooking freshly harvested organic fruits and vegetables, and making it into delicious meals. Bavarian week was my favorite!   

I was able to practice my German during my time in Dogern, and everyone was very supportive of my learning. Ulrike was happy to explain when and why I made certain grammatical mistakes, and that really helped my language skills. Markus and Andreas were always willing to talk about different gardening and farming techniques, and describe the pros and cons of each. It was really nice living with the other volunteers Clara and Anna, and with Chrissi. We often cooked, crocheted/knitted, or watched television together. Clara and Anna were extremely friendly and very willing to help me practice my German. 

I honestly couldn't have asked for a better WWOOFing experience - thank you Eulenhof! 

So viele Nationalitäten auf einmal hatten wir noch nie auf dem Hof: Jaime and Reyes aus Spanien, Grégoire aus Frankreich, Jennifer aus Australien und Alima aus Holland - vier Nationalitäten gleichzeitig. Und da sich alle so hervorragend verstanden haben, haben sie gemeinsam ein Gedicht geschrieben, den EULENHOF POEM:

jenniferAt 8 we have breakfast at a table full of food and joy, but you will only enjoy if you are not the last.
Morning work is always a pleasant surprise, we either harvest zucchini, tomatoes or maise (pronounced "mice").

Picking chicken eggs was lot of fun in the sweat of the late evening sun. That was a job easily done. wwoof team 1
They are now dead, although they were quite nice.

Our favorite job is "pendel hacking", an easy way to get strong and tanned, but this is never planned and luckily it "is fertig" at lunch time.

Our free time is spent in the Rhine or cooking in the kitchen drinking wine. It all depends on the weather or the length of the match of Catan.

Chrissi shines like a star, singing sowwoof team 3ngs and throwing the axe far. You can always have a beer with him, you should, whatever happens, "immer jut".

Uli and Markus are always working, so don't look lazy or bored or you will get a job; and if it's picking tomatoes you will never STOP.

Life at the villa is peaceful and friendly, when there is no "chicken shit" to shove, welcome to the EULENHOF of LOVE!


Hélène aus Frankreich schreibt:

Mein Name ist Hélène und ich habe 19 und ich komme aus Frankreich. Ich bin im Eulenhof für ein Monat. Ich habe ein Team mit gut gelaunten und solidarischen Leuten kennengelernt. Nach drei Wochen ist mein Deutsch besser geworden, deshalb durfte ich mit auf den Markt. Mein Lieblingssatz auf dem Eulenhof, ein Zitat von Christian: Alles Juut".helene hofladen

JuYeong aus Südkorea schreibt:


Hallo, i am from south korea and had stayed in Eulenhof-dogern for ju_southkorea3 weeks. In staying here, i got lots of nice things. Host Markus and Ulrike offer me very nice healthy food. U know, all of food is organic food and also there are cookies, chocolates, fruits, cheeses.. lots of things! And my room that they gave me is also great! plus bathroom :)

Every sunday, in the morning, i did jogging with them in nature of black forest. Fresh air.. sound of birds.. those are really what i wanted! And in the evening we are cooking something special :)

Sometimes we had played volleyball and badminton with volunteers and residents. And they are also great and it is a good chance of getting new experiences in here! And Ulrike gave me a chance of riding a bike. By bike, i can go to switzerland. Cause it is near from here :) and also i traveled Dogern with it. I saw beautiful views.. pretty homes.. nice church ! I got many pleasure in here.. i will remember that time i had spent :D thanks a lot Ulrike and Markus !!