Wwoofer 2019

Vincent aus dem Schwarzwald (Aufenthalt Eulenhof 10.11.2019 – 13.12.2019) schreibt:  vincent wickeln
Am ersten Tag wurde ich gleich zu einem Chorkonzert von Uli eingeladen. Das war für mich eine neue Erfahrung und ich habe es sehr genossen. Nach den ersten netten Gesprächen fragte mich Tyler, ob ich evtl. Lust hätte zu Fasten. Milla würde auch mitmachen und Markus war schon dabei und berichtete von seinen Erfahrungen. Ohne zu Zögern sagte ich zu, ohne zu wissen was mich erwartet. Ich hatte zuvor noch nie gefastet. Wir nahmen uns vor, am folgenden Freitag anzufangen und für sieben Tage zu fasten. Tyler und ich aßen Mittwoch und Donnerstag Rohkost und fingen Freitag dann mit dem Fasten an. Der erste Tag fühlte sich erstaunlicherweise gut an. Es gab ein kleines Mittagstief nach der Süßkartoffelernte, aber ich merkte schnell, dass die körperliche Betätigung sehr gut tat. Markus stellte uns alles Nötige für das Fasten bereit, der Start war also absolut gelungen. Die folgenden Tage fühlte ich mich wesentlich besser, ich hatte eher das Gefühl, mehr Power zu haben, vll. auch durch den legendären Power Tee, den Markus in aller Frühe für das Hof Team zubereitet. In Kombination mit den regelmäßigen Saunabesuchen, netten Gesprächen und auch genug Freude und Entspannung, habe ich hier mit meiner ersten Fastenerfahrung nur Positives zu verbinden. Ein tolles Umfeld, Interesse, Austausch mit anderen. Das alles machte diese erste Erfahrung für mich sehr positiv und ich bin sehr dankbar dafür.

Wer Interesse am Fasten hat, tauscht euch mit Markus aus. Er fastete ganze 21 Tage am Stück!

Um den Aufenthalt nicht nur auf das Fasten zu begrenzen, komme ich jetzt noch auf wesentliche Punkte, die mir den Aufenthalt sehr angenehm und schön gemacht haben. Ich bin auch nach dem Aufenthalt begeistert, wie offen und nett der Umgang untereinander war. Markus und Uli als Chefs pflegen einen sehr herzlichen Umgang und man braucht sich nicht verstecken, Dinge anzusprechen. Das Zusammenleben in der Villa mit Milla, Tyler, Paul und Edna war für mich ein weiterer Punkt, der mir den Aufenthalt schöner machte.

Ich verbinde mit der Zeit, sehr viele positive Emotionen. Ich lernte neue Menschen kennen und es entstand auch mindestens eine neue Freundschaft. Ich war ein wenig traurig, den Eulenhof nach dieser Zeit wieder zu verlassen. Ich bin sehr dankbar für diese Zeit! Und ich komme natürlich sehr gerne wieder ?!

Amrita aus Indien schreibt: amritaI had my first wwoofing experience at Eulenhof. I had come here with an open mindset to see and learn more about organic farming and a sustainable way of living. After spending 3 weeks, I am feeling glad for my choice. I had an amazing time working with people, plants and animals (chickens are super fun). Ulli and Markus has been great host and getting to know absolutely passionate people about organic farming who enjoy their work every moment is an experience in itself. They are highly organized people with great work ethics. The efforts and time they are investing to make a long term impact for sustainable environment through their thoughts and deeds is truly praise worthy.

The secret to enjoy farming is paying attention to every small details. Farming work can be expected to be little hard at sometimes that includes, planting, cultivating, harvesting, hacking and much more but at the end of the day its highly rewarding and fun. And yes, be prepared to work with chickens. Its everyday job to take care of chicken farm and gather hundreds of eggs. In case you don’t like it, eventually you will start loving them.. Just wait for that time!!! Working here will bring you close to nature and make you appreciate for every bite of food you eat and thankful to the people involved in this work.  The firsthand experience is having lunch at Sedus where you get to taste the veggies you have produced at the farm and it feels like a blessing.

This is a truly international place with diverse people from all over the world including Asia, Africa, America and different parts of Europe. They are quite open minded people who love sharing food, culture and ideas. After the work one can expect relaxation and fitness time by getting involved in various activities like yoga, sauna, watching movies related to environment and farming, playing volleyball, boule, hiking in alps, e-bike ride to Waldshut and simply walking or cycling along river Rhine.  Eulenhof has a lot to offer beyond one’s expectation. I would highly recommend this place to experience a fun filled, meaningful and sensible life with like-minded people.

Lindsey und Lila aus den USA schreiben: We came into our first ever WWOOFing experience at Eulenhof with no idea what to expect from the work, the people, or the environment. After spending 3 wonderful weeks on this beautiful vegetable farm, we can confidently say that we made the best possible choice! The atmosphere at Eulenhof is so cheerful and the community is such a great one to be a part of. You can expect to stay in a comfortable villa with other volunteers, probably from all over the world, and build friendships that will span over oceans and last a lifetime. lindey lila

You can also expect to do some hard work, including planting, harvesting, and cultivating some delicious veggies as well as weeding and hacking of fields—all of these jobs are rewarding in so many different ways. Getting to enjoy the veggies that we work to take care of everyday at lunch at the neighboring factory, Sedus, as well as in the villa with the other volunteers for dinner is just one of the ways our work pays off. You will also build a respect for the land and the people taking care of it alongside you. Oh, and you must like chickens—there are a lot of them, and collecting hundreds of eggs is one of the daily jobs you will come to love as a WWOOFer at Eulenhof!

Markus and Ullie are superhosts to their volunteers; we felt so welcome at all times, whether it be during a happy, bustling breakfast to start off the work day or on suggested weekend outings to see the beautiful village of Dogern and neighboring town Waldshut. Getting to learn about the importance of organic farming from two passionate people who love what they do was an absolutely priceless experience—(we miss you guys!) In just three short weeks, Eulenhof became such an important place to us as we grew close to our work and our fellow workers. We will definitely be back in the future, and we highly recommend that you seek out your WWOOFing experience here, whether it be your first or your fifth!

Anna aus Tschechien schreibt: A day of a WWOOFer at Eulenhof
Crrrrrrr... My alarm goes off at half past six. I have a pleasant cup of tea and read my book. People slowly start coming out of their rooms. Eyes half closed yawning, looking for their working gloves and water bottles. "Guten Morgen Zussamen". From seven harvesting time! Amazing cucumbers, paprikas, tomatoes, eggplants, if its zuchini's, then take long trousers. They tend to give people they are not used to an itchy rash. IMG 20190731 193617 230

An hour later we head off to Ulli's and Marksus's lovely home for a tasty organic breakfast. Strengthened by the soya jogurt, musli fruit bowls and home made bread we make our way down to the farm. There is lots of work to be done and a great variety of it. For an example, there is the planting of seedlings on the field while listening to music and trying to sing louder than the noises of the tractor. Another task is hacking. That means getting rid of weeds between plants with the use of a so called "pendel hack". :) This job was one of my favorites. Involves talking about anything and everything. Life, music, agriculture...There is Felix the gardener, sharing his amazing, eye opening views on various topics ranging from life to religion to farming. Markus being so experienced and knowing so much about organic agriculture and about just about anything you ask him. The work goes so quickly that you suddenly look at your watch and its time for lunch. The midday meal is eaten at a nearby furniture factory that the farm used to belong to. The majority of food on your plate has actually been grown at Eulenhof. You might have harvested that cucumber in your salad just the other day! After lunch you are invited to Ulli's and Markus's house to enjoy some freshly ground coffee and fair trade chocolate.

IMG 20190803 200157 761Thereafter the WWOOFERs enjoy collecting the eggs from the chickens. Me and Sara (a wwoofer from Sweden) actually discovered that the chickens look like super small dinosaurs. So don't forget to look at them carefully.
After the egg "harvesting" you can do anything you feel like doing. Go for a swim in the Rhein, play beach volleyball, read in the hangmat, cook something from the delicious ingredients available, if you like music and even if you don't I very much recommend going to the choir with Ulli. It was a very beautiful experience. At the end of the day you are so tired and so happy that you fall asleep immediately and just dream of masses of fresh vegetables, weeds, new friends, Zucchini the cat and of the fact how lucky you are have the opportunity to experience all this.

I very much recommend this experience to anyone that:
- would like to experience living in a comunity with inspiring fun people 
- is interested in organic agriculture
- would like to get inspired on how to live a more sustainable life.
- wants to obtain a fake but very special e-bike driving licence. 
- last but not least anyone that has never tasted Spagetti ice cream.

Heather aus Kanada schreibt: It has been a few weeks since I left Eulenhof and everyone at the owl farm and I am finally able to take the time to reflect on the four weeks that I spent there... I’ll start off by saying that I had no idea what to expect upon my arrival in Dogern and I went in to the experience with an open mind. Not having any expectations allowed me to fully embrace all of what the farm had to offer. heather zucchini2

“The Opportunities”
On the job:
*Planting, cultivating, and harvesting vegetables (rote bete being the most memorable)
*Becoming “Heather the herb lady” for a month (petersilie glatt, my favourite!)
*Hacking the heck out of some fields (some of the best conversations were had while doing so)
*Hanging with the chickens on the daily
*Assemble netting for the poly tunnels (team work required)

Off the job:
*Play beach volleyball with the loveliest of locals (prepare to hear Markus make hilarious sounds)
*Ride a bike to the Rhein and relax on the beach (skip rocks, collect rocks, contemplate the origins of the rocks, swim if you like. Rocks.)
*Have Uli and Markus convince you to rent an E-bike and bike 45 km, one way I might add, to Rhein Falls (you’ll feel like you’re dying a bit, but totally worth the scenery along the way)(sustainability folks ?)
*Have bonfires in the Villa’s backyard (maybe you’ll get lucky and someone is musically inclined)
*Cook and eat meals together on the weekends with everyone from the Villa
*Go for a hike with everyone from the Villa, get lost for a few hours, then find your way back together (I wasn’t the one leading the pack when we got lost.... ?)
*Attempt to learn some German

**note: all of the above, on job and off, is a limited list of all the opportunities available**

Now, imagine doing all of the above with some of the kindest, funniest, most intelligent and passionate people you have ever met. Pretty amazing right? There is a true community amongst the Eulenhof team and they all come together with their passion for sustainability and the environment (and so much more). You’ll leave knowing more than you knew before arriving and you’ll leave knowing that you just experienced something truly special (at least I did). If you’re prepared to work and be a part of an energetic team, I couldn’t recommend Eulenhof and all of the wonderful people enough! I know I’ll be back one day ?

Matilda aus Irland schreibt: matildaWorking at Eulenhof has been one of my most amazing experiences so far. Not only did working on the farm open my eyes to learning more about sustainability and organic farming, but I got to meet some incredible people during my stay there. Uli and Markus have a great work ethic and were extremely accommodating. The food was incredible, the work was fun, and meeting people from a variety of different places was amazing! I am already planning my trip back to Eulenhof for the future and plan to stay for longer this time.
Thank you Uli and Markus!

Risa aus Japan schreibt: risa japanI decided to do a farm stay at Eulenhof just because I was curious about what organic farming is like and attracted to chance to eat fresh vegetables for free. After finishing three weeks of farming experience, I found that I learned more than I expected. In addition to learning the in-field practice of farming, it was impressive that the people in the whole community are conscious of sustainability and environment, and the local production for local consumptions. I had great experiences at Eulenhof and in Dogern, though I was bewildered in the unfamiliar environment. Vielen Dank für die tolle Zeit, Ulli, Markus und Menschen in Eulenhof! I’m going to feel sad after my nail get clean again...