Wwoofer 2017

Clara aus Frankreich schreibt: I really enjoyed my days with all of you and I think that, thanks to you, I succeeded to clara bikegrow up through this experience. I was not come for the "bio side" of the farm but now I will eat with a better way and will think about you and the consequences behind. I feel now more concerned about this big agricultur bio World ! Also my parents love the fresh eggs and the quark !

It's weird to be back in a big grey city with people who doesn't look the sky. Only their foot... but with my Eulenhof bag I will make Paris even more beautiful ! Because" I think that Everyone can do good things" ;) (Nadine knows -> sleeping talk). I miss you all, i miss the grass and trees. And the sauna and the chickens, tractor, green bike and red car. Also the supermaket in your house !

Sara aus den Niederlanden schreibt: I came to the Eulenhof in July-August, and stayed for three amazing, so very interesting weeks. I weeded, drove tractor and prepared the vegetables, which the clients ordered. This was very teachable and fun, but what made my stay at Eulenhof really special were the people I met there. They were open-minded and friendly, and all had their own story & reason to participate in the WWOOF-program, or stay there permanently. We enjoyed talking, making music and bike trips to Switzerland together. andree sara dirndl kl

Besides that there was the work on the farm, which included driving car and tractor, weeding the beds of herbs, harvesting tomatoes, beans, paprika and celery, sorting out the vegetables for the different clients, cleaning them to make them look representable, and so on. This way it was possible to follow the food from the land to the pan, which really impacted the way I looked at food (now when I visit the supermarket I can’t help but staring at all the vegetables for a while to look if they’re of good quality). I enjoyed all the work, with perhaps the work in the greenhouses with the high temperatures being an exception (this made me, as said by someone “red as an tomato” hahaha).

I would however not trade anything for the weekly trips to the even hotter but much more enjoyable sauna, which were great to relax from a week of hard work. Besides this Ulli and Markus offered all the WWOOF’ers al kinds of other trips (on the weekends), like going for a hike in the beautiful surroundings, volleyball, barbequing with the local refugees, visiting a festival. What also great to experience was the breakfast in morning at Ulli & Markus’s house. They always had lots of high-quality organic food, fresh fruits, and offered plenty vegan options as well. I had a great time, and I don’t doubt that I will be back. To all of you to all who are considering to coming to the Eulenhof, perhaps till then!

Andrée aus Kanada schreibt: to spend 3 weeks in the Eulenhof Garden this summer has been an amazing andree schlepperfigur.klexperience. First of all: the original mission, the owner and the team. From the beginning, I have been very inspired by the original mission of this garden. The owner of Sedus who has recovered health by eating organic vegetable and wholegrain food who has thought that if this way to eat is good for them, it should be good for all the employees in too.

I feel that Markus and Ulli, the owner, has continued in this direction offering to us, woofers, the same good organic and whole food products to eat. The owner are also really generous with us by transmitting their knowledge and life experience. By example, I learned how to bake a real good German bread (wholegrain bread) and how to drive the big tractor! The rest of the team was also super to work with! They have a good intuition to select their FÖJ and woofers so it create a good team work.   

Second: the work to do and the environment. As I was there in august, the most important job was to harvest: zucchini, cucumber, tomatoes, potatoes, etc. And that was fun! By example, to harvest pumpkin was like a handball game! The work was diversified and no so hard to do.

Third: the life after work. There was no time to get bored, but also some time to relax and having fun! There was always something to do there after work or someone interesting to talk with!  By the time I was there, I had the chance to play volleyball, to go swimming in a river 10 minutes away by bicycle, to sing and to play some piano, to do a vegetable BBQ and a bonfire, to bake some homemade pizza, to cook some nice collective dinner, and of course, to dance in our super dancing night at the Villa!

A significant mission, beautiful human working in the team, a nice landscape and a work not so hard, definitely, it was a great experience!

Jeanne aus Kanada schreibt: It is hard to express how amazing the time I spend on Eulenhof was.  Going back to jeannenormal life at university, it seems almost unreal, to think of the simple and happy day to day life was living on Eulenhof. Yes, we worked hard from 7h am to 1h pm, but waking up at 7 am is not to early when you wake up with a bunch of cool people to pick up cucumbers and sweating under the sun or the rain goes by pretty fast when you talk about life, making connections with young people from all over the world. It feels good to work hard physically when you know then afterwards you will have a good meal altogether and that you will pass the afternoon swimming in the river, going for a bike ride in the black forest or having a good nap in the hammock if you prefer. And at night cooking in the kitchen together before talking outside at night around the fire or on Thursdays going for the weekly friendly volleyball play and on Saturdays relaxing your tired muscles at the sauna! (I miss the sauna so much, I swear it is the most relaxing thing in the world!!)

The generosity of Uli and Marcus who created this amazing oasis of sharing and learning from others is inspiring. It makes you want to work well, because you feel part of the farm. You pay attention that the vegetables are picked ripe and that everything is done well, not because you want to please, but because you feel truly concern.

It seems to make so much sense to live this way. Working hard, but together. Working hard, but without stress. Working hard, but seeing directly the result of your work by having on your plate what you have picked the same morning. And the food!! oh this abundance of fresh and nourishing food. It is hard not to feel great having you belly always filled with such delicious food.

Time flew by at an incredible rate. At the end of these 3 weeks, I felt like I had arrived the week before, but at the same time, I felt so at home and the farm felt such like a piece of me that it was hard to believe I had known it for only 3 weeks.

Tyler aus den USA schreibt: I have worked on a handful of farms and have been tyler wwoofing a few times and no place or experience is quite like staying and working at Eulenhof. I felt as if i were being spoiled the whole time whether it be because of the wide array of food at breakfast, the great lunches at the furniture factory called Sedus, or the farm shop being our own personal pantry. We worked hard but being that there was about 10 of us working together at once it made the work more doable and enjoyable. Markus and Ulli are amazing and you can tell they genuinely care about what it is they are doing, they will even get right in there with the hard work that everyone else is doing. The farm itself is in such a perfect location, right near the Rhine river and just a short bike trip away from Switzerland. There was plenty of time to explore the area and we even got to go to different festivals and do activities such as mini-golf and German bowling. I loved the time I got to spend at Eulenhof and all the people I had the chance to meet from all over the world. I highly suggest wwoofing at Eulenhof it truly was and is such a great place to be, maybe i will even be there when you arrive because i cant wait until i can go back! 

Mathieu aus Frankreich schreibt: Wwoofers from future, you're at the good place. Let me explain why: It was a long Mathieu T.portraittime before, in Baden-Wurttenberg country, a farm with two magnificent people (Ulli and Markus Senior), where i passed three weeks in July (Such a long time..! Not at all, it felt like one). It was a magic place, with big trees, houses and mountains where vegetables grew super fast, sun always smiling and my body... sleeping almost of the time! Yes, I agree, for someone who had never worked in any farm, it's a bit destabilizing (Your circadian rhythm will be like a crazy clock). I continue my story. People in this place were very mysterious, daily happy, generous and spoke a weird language (I think they called that Deutsch). But you know what was the worst? Their aura transform you.. You will enjoy work, take care about plants even if you are bored, be unbelievably happy to eat amazing food, to speak or laugh about your experience and the one of the others, to read, swim, to play football, volleyball, et cetera. In fact, to be alive. Yeah, do you see that ? You can be afraid ! Especially since, it's a secret but, they make gift! Ah! At the end of the week, you'll be yet lost in this soul tranquility, but not totally in security, they'll finish you: melt of pleasure in a super hot sauna. Conclusion? If you have the chance to go in this farm, don't hesitate more, leave !

PS : A toi le français, convaincu? Comme je parle le même dialecte que toi, je vais te donner quelques précisions bonus: Tu auras peut-être la chance de visiter la forêt noire, de manger des dattes sèches et du chocolat aux noisettes à volonté, enfin, de rencontrer des gens vraiment formidable d'un peu partout de ce globe, ce qui est très franchement un truc de ouf.

Hamide aus der Türkei schreibt: Hi Future Wwoofers! I worked in Eulenhof for 4 weeks together with my boyfriend,wwoofer sedus Engin. That was my first & unique experience in both wwoofing and agriculture. I cannot imagine a better experience than that, really, I am 100% honest. Choosing the farm that I am going to do wwoofing was my easiest decision in my whole life, ever. Even when I buy a chocolate, I think like 15 minutes. However, when I see the wide information and great care taken on Eulenhof website and their page on official wwoof website, I immediately sent an e-mail. Then, Ulli responded me just in 10 minutes. So, I decided to come here. Your first week is going to be your adaptation week for hard work but then you will get used to it and start to explore around! You can bike Switzerland in 3 minutes then swim in Rhein, you can bike beautiful Laufenburg and have a great beer next to the river, or you can bike Waldshut in 15 minutes and have a jog with the great view of Rhein. Even if Dogern is a small village, you won’t have time to get bored. Saunas, outdoor thermal pools, mini golf sessions, German bowling, culture/music festivals around near towns and customer delivery with incredible Black Forest view will make you busy all over the time. I am just talking about what comes to my mind now, but you will have much more than that. You will have great friends from all over the world (some of them will be lifetime), unforgettable memories while planting, harvesting, weeding, rounding heads. Moreover, you will know nicest & kindest personalities Ulli & Markus. I strongly recommend Eulenhof for you to have what I gained there, except for weights I gained. :)"

Engin aus der Türkei schreibt: I worked in Eulenhof with my girlfriend Hamide, about 4 weeks. For those who want to work in Eulenhof in the future, I will briefly summarize what we have experienced in these 4 weeks. hamide engin

REASON WE CAME! First of all, our reasons for coming to Eulenhof were that we were bored with the intense city experience, we wanted to try something new for us. We were excited about how organic farming was done, althought we were both from different branches(architecture and management). After sending e-mail to Ulli and Markus, they answered about 10 minutes. Later, we started to reviewing their internet sites and seeing how active they were. We suddenly stopped searching for another farms and decided to come.

EXPERIENCES/WORKS! The hardest week was the first week in our four weeks. (Trying to figüre out what’s going on, to be able to adapt to your current position, to meet new people and to adapt a totally different life style.) However, after this first week’s works are over, you can put all your tiredness in the sauna or outdoor pool in ten minutes. When you start the second week, you feel like you are adapting to everthing. You are starting to make it more comfortable because certain jobs are repeating themselves. In general, I did; planting, harvesting, vegetable cleaning, preparing vegetables for delivery, delivery to the families and supermarkets and cleaning chiken shits!(most enjoyful job ever. Do not miss it and listen to what Markus said and do not wear a mask, everything gets worse!)

WHAT YOU CAN DO! Every week there is an activity plan fort he farm. In general, you will find basketball, volleyball, football, fitness, sauna, natural pool, hot water pools, german bowling, mini golf, cycling, culture and music festivals and of course lots of travel!!  There are dozens of towns waiting to be discovered. Switzerland is about 5 minutes away. If you want to swim in the Rhine, you can explore lots of places.

When you do all of these with very nice friends, you do not understand how time passes. We were so get used to Markus and Ulli in 4 weeks and we did not want to return! One of the most outward-looking and lovely couple I met. Even you can go to Eulenhof just to meet them. As a result, it was one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever had in my life. I definitely recommend you to these experiences… 

Maïté aus der Schweiz schreibt: I woofed in Eulenhof this summer 2017 and I was really enjoying this time. If you are interested in learning about organic farming it’s a place for you. You will discover a lot of different activities. It gives also a picture about the living in a farm and what that means. But the place is more than a farm with wonderful 

markus maitevegetable and chickens. Eulenhof is also a really lively place full with nice people, initiatives, projects and it definitely brings people together. Through the sharing of hard working hours, really nice meals, wonderful bike trips, relaxed swimming times in the river at sunset …the time flies quickly and intensively.

I like the fact that Eulenhof is so open to the surrounding world: contact with the local people, schoolchildren, refugees…and also with woofers from all over the world.  Eulenhof is sharing with everybody the idea of respecting the nature and will show you how beautiful it is to work with other human beings on the same project.

Lucien aus der Schweiz schreibt: Ich bin auf den Eulenhof nach einem Aufenthalt von 3 Monaten in Berlin 

lucien klangekommen und diese Rückkehr im Land war nur perfekt. Dort gibt es alles, um glücklich zu sein: grosszügige und aufgeschlossene Chefs, nette Mitarbeiter, cool Mitbewohner  und sogar einen schönen Sandstrand!!! Ich habe nicht nur über den Gemüseanbau und die Biolandwirtschaft gelernt, sondern auch über verschiedene Sachgebiete. Ich habe in einer Wohngemeinschaft zum ersten Mal gelebt, ich habe natürlich mein Deutsch verbessert und eine gesundere Ernährung angenommen. Man muss schon zugeben, dass das Essen auf dem Hof besonders lecker ist. Sowohl das Frühstück mit Müesli  oder Brot als auch das Mittagessen bei Sedus und das Abendessen in der Villa waren jedes Mal tolle Momente. Alle Personen, die ich auf dem Eulenhof kennengelernt habe, waren ganz nett und ich habe mit Spass diese Wwooferfahrung mit ihnen geteilt. Ich kann noch wem interessiert ist empfehlen, einen langen Aufenthalt zu machen. Es lohnt sich wirklich zu sehen, was die Pflanze, die man gepflanzt und gepflegt hat, werden. Das war einer der schönen Erfahrung meines Lebens und dafür danke ich allen, die sich an ihr beteiligt haben.

Magali aus Frankreich schreibt: Der Aufenthalt bei euch war sehr sehr sehr schön. Mein erstes Ziel war, mein magali reDeutsch zu verbessern. Ich denke, dass ich jetzt ein bisschen besser bin. Aber ihr und euer Hof habt mir so viel mehr gebracht als nur die deutsche Sprache. Ich bin nie Traktor gefahren oder habe Eier gesammelt und sogar Gurken geerntet: so viele gute, lustige und interessante Entdeckungen. Diese 16 Tage waren eine wirklich tolle Erfahrung und ich vermiss diesen Aufenthalt schon (obwohl ich gar nicht hacken vermissen werde).

Ich finde was ihr macht ganz genial: der Bio-Bauernhof, Wwoofer und Waldorfschüler zu empfangen, was viele Leute in Dogern mit den Flüchtlingen machen ...Ihr seid zwei sagenhafte Personen, die ich froh bin, kennengelernt zu haben. 

Das Leben in der Villa war auch sehr schön und alle waren nett! Die Nahrung war ganz lecker, vor allem die veganen gegrillten und unterschiedlichen Gemüse (und Bier). An den Strand gehen (Rhein) hat auch viel Spaß gemacht.

Tamara aus Freiburg schreibt: tamara lilo vanessa kleinIch habe fünf Wochen auf dem Eulenhof verbracht, von Anfang März bis Mitte April. Das Arbeiten am Hof war sehr vielseitig und ich weiß gar nicht, was mir am meisten Spaß gemacht hat. Vielleicht Gemüse pflanzen mit der Pflanzmaschine oder gemeinsam ruckizucki ein ganzes Feld Wirsing, Grünkohl oder Lauch abernten, oder doch das Traktor fahren und pflügen? Schön war es, Kartoffeln zu pflanzen und dabei Wise Guys-Lieder zu singen, im Hofladen oder auf dem Markt zu stehen und Gemüse zu verkaufen oder mit der Pendelhacke zu hacken und sich dabei über die Welt, das Leben und nervige Steine zu unterhalten. Nur Eierstempeln ist eher nicht so meins ;) 

tamara kleinInsgesamt war es für mich eine sehr glückliche und besondere Zeit. Ihr lieben Menschen auf dem Eulenhof seid mir dabei ans Herz gewachsen. Ich habe mich gleich von Anfang an wohl gefühlt und dann mit der Zeit wie zu Hause gefühlt. Ich habe so viel gelacht, so viele gute Gespräche geführt und sehr sehr viel Kuchen gegessen (und auch sonst sehr viel gegessen). Die Spinat-Erbsen-Avocado-Brennessel-Suppe war der Hammer!! :D

Vielen Dank für die schöne Zeit bei euch!